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White Water Rafting • Boquete, Panama

With more than 35 world-class whitewater runs in Panama’s Chiriqui province alone, there is no paddling destination more extraordinary than Panama! The combination of the region’s topography, abundant watersheds and incredible biological diversity make Panama an extraordinary whitewater rafting destination. We do most of our Panama whitewater rafting in the watersheds of the Chiriqui province, where over 150 inches of rain fall annually.


If you or someone in your group is new to the sport of whitewater rafting and prefer an easier trip with a relaxed pace, we can take you down some amazingly beautiful stretches of Class II/III whitewater on the Rio Majagua.

If you are looking for a heart-pounding glimpse of what makes Panama’s whitewater famous among whitewater enthusiasts around the globe, then the Palon section of the Rio Chiriqui Viejo is a must-do for you!


Class I: Moving water with small waves (ideal for beginners)

Class II: Rapids with waves up to three feet high. Clean, unobstructed channels with some maneuvering required. Guide must be able to maintain course.

Class III: Irregular waves, scouting necessary, complex maneuvering, obstacles concealed. Difficult to control and maneuver.

Class IV: Long, difficult rapids with tight passages. Boat tipping and swamping are real possibilities. If a customer falls in the water a possibility of injury is ever present.

Class V: Quick rescue procedings must be in place. Precise and professional knowledge of the river course is a must.


For more information:

e-mail or call: 6627-8829 - area code 507


To make a reservation:

send an e-mail to


Reservations are not confirmed until PAID.




$75 per person

MIN/MAX: Minimum 2 people

LOCATION: Chiriqui Province

TIME: Leave Boquete at 7:00 am. Return around 3pm for full-day trips.

INCLUDES: Transportation to and from Boquete, equipment, guides and lunch

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to advanced depending on river classification & water levels. Please contact us for more information!

FITNESS: Participants should be in good physical condition. Some trips include up to 4 hours of moderate paddling. Please contact us to discuss any physical limitations or special needs so that we can accommodate you!

Class II/III: Minimum age is 7 years
Class III/IV: Minimum age is 10 years
Class IV/V: Minimum age is 14 years

NOTE: Trip destination may change due to water levels.

- clothes to swim (shorts, shirt, hat)
- dry clothes and towel for after the trip
- sun block
- water bottle (extra water is provided)
- shoes that will not come off your feet while swimming
- passport or cedula


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