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Notes Received from Tour Guests:

"Thanks Carol
 We really enjoyed the trip. Even we are Panamanian and have visited Boquete a lot of time, we discovered many things that we did not imagine that they exist in Boquete.  We had the experience of doing it at summer, with a great sun and a fresh environment and were also lucky to count on the two men that assisted us, the driver and the guide, they were excellent.  My mom is 86 and she said that she never will forget climbing to Faldas del Volcan, Alto Chiquero and El Salto.  My sons, 8th and 16th were very existed and my sister also enjoyed it. 
Personally my favorite place was at entrada culebra, bird watching, when we had the oportunity to see the Quetzal assisted by the guide and the driver.  My surprise was that the guide had the experience to take  the pictures for us  of the quetzal, 3 great pictures , since we did not know how to handle our camera.  In less than 15 minutes we found the quetzal.  and the cloudy forrest, unforgetable.  It brought to my memory, Gorillas in the Mist.
Thanks for the trip

Hello Carol,

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful tour yesterday and for all the information. I really enjoyed it very much and will definitely recommend it to our clients.

John is a great and very knowledgeable guide, too and the horses are very nice to ride. I hope you will be able to save many more in the future, they must be very happy to stay with you!

Thank you and have a great week!

Nadja Takatsch ......May 18, 2010
Sales & Reservations Representative

Ancon Expeditions of Panama


Thank you so much! This has been the highlight of our trip! We cannot thank you enough. Jason should be so appreciated. February 27, 2009 Cielo and Chad Wilson


I loved the horseback riding in Caldera. The horses were lots of fun and the river was beautiful."     Nathan from the US


I had no idea how beautiful the birds were until your hiking tour. Thank you for such a wonderful day!    Gerry from the Canada


I really enjoyed my half day with you and your staff. The visit to the big garden is totally crazy - good crazy as far as I am concerned. I loved it! The visit to the coffee farm is good - especially within the context of the history of Boquete. The idea of stopping somewhere to actually nibble on some coffee beans and/or small fruits is a great one. 
The stop at the animal sanctuary is truly nice.  These people probably deserve their own Animal Planet or National Geographic special.  I have been in the travel business all my life, so I always take more than a passing interest in what I see and experience. You guys are doing a great job. Once again, I really enjoyed my half day with you and your staff.  You have nice people there.


My name is Monica N., I was the girl who called you this past Saturday to book the single person hike on Sunday.
The Quetzal Trail was amazing! John was able to show me two quetzals and a howler monkey! One of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Thank you :)
Thanks so much again,        Monica


Hi there,

I just wanted to tell you what a great tour guide John and his brother Raul are.  My children and I and my brother did the horse back riding and the hot springs tour.  What can I say, except that John is outstanding, you have a true gem.  He made our experience and day that much more beautiful.

Thank you so much,
my best to you.
Ms. Natasha (Atlanta, Georgia)


Sorry it took me so long to write back. However, I want to thank you so much for the pictures. They were terrific, and I'm going to combine them with the ones I took, as you suggested.  (We are the two women from Chicago -- Debbie & Venita)
    We really had a lot of fun hiking with you and your brother. Tell him again for me that he is a very skillful driver. Next time, when I return, I want to take the all-day hike to the top of the mountain. I will stay in contact with you.
Thanks again,   Debbie




Ame montar a caballos en Caldera. Los caballos fueron muy divertidos y el río estaba hermoso”. Nathan from The US.


No tenia idea lo Hermoso de las aves hasta que las vi en el Tour de caminata. Gracias por un grandioso día. Gerry de Canada.

Estimado John:
Muchas gracias por el envío, les agradezco a tí y a Rolando todas sus atenciones y confirmo lo buen fotógrafo que eres, deberías de dedicarle más tiempo a ésto de las fotografías, seguiremos en contacto, les mando un abrazo ELA.




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